Legal Counsel |8 years | Manufacturing Industry | Beijing |L1018-001-SCN

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Legal Counsel |8 years | Manufacturing Industry | Beijing |L1018-001-SCN
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Legal supports, Contract review/management:

  • Review, negotiate and help to submit deviations via Docu-sign for authorized leaders’ approval on sales contracts, bidding documents and other legally binding commercial commitments
  • Review Non-standard BOM Procurement Agreements
  • Review non-standard NDA
  • Continuously monitor and track the operation quality of simplified contract review process
  • Advise on legal issues, risks and company policies
  • IP Protection: implement the local IP protection projects against counterfeit manufacturer in the open market


  • Periodically provide orientation training to new hired employees, including brief introduction of Commercial and Contract Department, Contract Review Process, DOA policy, Legal & Compliance Department and Policies
  • Provide DOA and Contract Review Process training to sales team
  • Provide compliance training including FCPA, anti-trust and Competition
  • Provide channel partner DD process training to related parties

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