Legal Counsel | 8 years | oil & gas industry | Beijing |L1018-002-SCN

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Legal Counsel | 8 years | oil & gas industry | Beijing |L1018-002-SCN
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Key Responsibilities include:

o   Researching and advising on legal queries

o   Review of all transactional documents and relevant contracts for various transactions across the China, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong region

o   Liaise with joint venture partners, agents, intermediaries and co-workers, reviewing and organizing documents and reports and preparing individual files for due diligence on all agents, distributors and third party intermediaries for purposes of FCPA compliance review.

o   Draft or review resolutions, waivers, minutes, approvals of action without meeting and related documents.

o   Create and maintain corporate secretarial record including updating minute books, resolutions, corporate seal, stock certificates, etc. 


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