Compliance Manager | >10 years | Corporate bank | Singapore

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Compliance Manager | >10 years | Corporate bank | Singapore
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Client: Asian Corporate Bank

Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism Financing
·        To complete a yearly enterprise wide risk assessment and establish plans for anti-money laundering and countering terrorism financing to effectively understand money laundering and terrorism financing risks faced by the branch and establish a firm

          framework to minimise risk

·        To evaluate money laundering and terrorism financing risks before introducing any new products or services

·        To update and amend the branch’s anti money laundering and counter terrorism financing policy according to the latest regulations and to better reflect on the current situation

·        Work with the Head Office IT department on improving the AML system in order to strengthen the system’s effectiveness in name check, risk modelling, CIP and transactions monitoring

·        To conduct branch’s AML/Compliance self-inspection assessment quarterly and craft out a report on the finding of the branch’s implementation of AML internal system control to Head office

·        To review the branch’s AML system yearly to ensure that the AML system relevant parameters, SAR types, scenarios and blacklist database is up to date thus can effectively screen for money laundering and terrorism financing risks.

·        To establish an annual internal compliance testing plan and conduct quarterly sample testing to ensure the branch’s operations are in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations

·        To establish an annual internal compliance training programmer outline to follow, and to provide appropriate training for staffs as required

·        Ensure that internal policies and procedures of all departments were reviewed at least once a year and updated on a timely basis to reflect the changes of Singapore Law and regulatory

·        To conduct Self Inspection Internal Assessment Check on a quarterly basis and to craft out a report on the findings of the branch’s implementation of compliancy system to Head Office

·        To conduct an AML/CFT meeting on a monthly basis and to submit the minutes to Head Office for their perusal

·        To assist Head Office Compliance Department on the adherence to regulatory laws and regulations and to provide assistance on other related matters

·        To ensure that all branch’s policies and procedure are implemented in compliance to Singapore Laws & regulations , and to ensure that any updates to the Singapore Laws or regulations are report the updates to Head Office on a monthly basis

·        To reconfirm the compliance to relevant unit policies and ensure adherence to internal regulation before launching a new product/service

·        To provide clear explanation on doubts and concerns arising from staffs with regards to Compliance Related issues

Position Requirements:
·        Minimum a Bachelor Degree in Law, Business, Risk Management , Finance or relevant qualification

·        At least 5 years of relevant experience relating to Compliance/AML in banking industry

·        Bilingual in English and Mandarin to liaise with Mandarin speaking associates and Head Office 


Interested candidates please contact Shanice Lim at +65 6535 8255 or for a confidential discussion.

Job ID: L0818 - 2720 - SG 

Compliance and Regulatory